Catalysts. Curators. Cultivators.

Our Mission

A simple, enduring strategy.

Every day we’re going all-in on our mission to cultivate enduring partnerships with patients on a journey toward reclaiming their health and well-being through cannabis-based treatments. 

Our strategy is simple – consistently deliver best-in-class cannabis products and highly personalized care for Minnesota patients through our care centers across the state.

Our Vision

Always front and center.

Amid a rapidly evolving cannabis industry and advancing science, we stand front and center for our patients and the treatments that impact their lives. With our experienced team and state-of-the-art facilities, we’ll stand on the leading edge of cannabis-based treatments in Minnesota. 

We’re wholeheartedly committed to learning, growing, and adapting, letting the emerging data, science, and insights shape our practice. We see ourselves as passionate scientists, advocates and change agents, leading a cultural shift in hearts and minds.

Our Values

The heart and science behind our mission.

We believe we’re at our best when we lead with our hearts and follow the science. This balanced approach is the not-so-secret, secret behind our culture at LeafLine Labs. We celebrate the inspiring stories of our patients and work end-to-end to sharpen our practice. 

In our unique role as manufacturer and patient advocate, we build deeper connections with our patients and the science, translating our insights into treatments that are empowering patients to reclaim their health.