Caring for Your Cartridge Button Battery

The LeafLine Labs Button Battery is one of several accessories available at our patient care centers to use with vaporizer cartridges.

Helpful tip: It is recommended to charge the battery before using. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Screw battery into USB charger. 2. Insert USB into computer or USB charging device. The battery light will become a solid RED light while charging. It will turn GREEN when fully charged. Battery is equipped with overcharge protection. 3. When fully charged, unplug USB from charger then unscrew USB and battery. Using your cartridge: 1. Screw the cartridge on to the battery.

2. To turn ON/OFF the battery, quickly click the button 5 times. The LED light will blink to indicate status.

3. Put the mouthpiece to your lips, push and hold the button on the battery and draw in a slow, deep breath for 1 second. Release the button.

4. While removing the mouthpiece from your lips, continue to inhale until your lungs are full.

5. Hold your breath for 5-10 seconds then exhale slowly.

Caring for your cartridge:

Temperature may have an effect on the oil in your cartridge so please store upright and at room temperature. Do not put the cartridge or battery in your pants pocket or loose in your purse or handbag. Do not over tighten the cartridge on the battery. Too much force may cause connectivity issues. A slow and steady draw works best. Drawing too hard may cause clogging issues inside your cartridge. If you feel that your cartridge is getting clogged or is hard to draw, please contact your nearest LeafLine Labs care center immediately for support. NOTE: Cartridge is empty when the oil is almost visibly gone. There will always be some residue left in the cartridge and LeafLine Labs overfill the cartridge to account for this. You may also notice a change in taste and smell as the last of the oil is heated for use.

Questions? Speak with one of our team members at your next visit to one of our patient care centers, or call us at 1-844-LEAFLINE.