Debit Cards Now Accepted - Leafline Labs

As of today all of our care centers are now able to take debit cards! For our patients that prefer cash, our cash payment process remains the same.

Please review the guidelines below for debit card payment as there are some important notes.

Your card must have a 4 digit pin number to run a transaction. Our processing is similar to an ATM withdrawal and not a standard debit purchase. All fees for a ATM withdrawal from your bank will apply to this transaction.

Each time the card is ran you will have a $3.50 processing fee.

Transactions are run in $5 increments. You will receive change if we have to run it over the purchase amount.

Our machines have a $1000 limit per transaction - we can run the card more than once if patient to spending more than $1000.

Thank you so much and if you have any questions please give us a call at 651-333-3835 or email us at


The LeafLine Labs Team