Honoring Minnesota Veterans: Discount in Effect Beginning 5.20.19

As a veteran of the US Army, I have personally seen and felt the importance of caring for fellow soldiers. Members of our military forces pledge to protect our American way of life and many times that protection comes at a great personal cost. Many veterans return home with mental and physical conditions that greatly affect their quality of life. These brave men and women do so much for our nation. We, as a society, must do more to support them upon their return.

One way we can help is to improve the affordability and access of medical cannabis. Medical cannabis presents a safe, reliable alternative to traditional therapies for common veteran conditions, including PTSD, depression, and intractable pain. Medical cannabis can lessen, if not replace, the need for opiates and other prescription medications.

That’s why we at LeafLine Labs are doing more for our Minnesota veterans: Beginning on Monday, May 20, we will offer a 15% Veterans’ Discount on all medical cannabis products. LeafLine Labs’ staff will be happy to provide details and answer questions.

This Memorial Day, please, take a moment to recognize the veterans in your life and acknowledge the sacrifices that they’ve made to protect our freedom and way of life.

And from one veteran to another, thank you for your service!

- Bill Parker, CEO