Leafline Labs Update #3 - Curbside Pickup - Governor Walz Update (Coronavirus)

In light of the current pandemic and in keeping with social distancing guidelines to slow the spread of COVID-19, Governor Walz signed an executive order yesterday (3/31/20) that allows medical cannabis manufacturers registered in Minnesota to provide curbside pickup of medical cannabis products to patients or their registered caregivers, subject to specific conditions.

As a result of this executive order, Leafline Labs is enacting changes that allow our patients or their registered caregivers to pick up and pay for their medical cannabis products from their cars. Curbside will begin at our care centers on April 2nd, 2020. Below are the steps for you to be aware of and follow – to ensure a smooth, efficient and compliant patient experience:

Patient/Registered Caregiver Curbside Action Steps:

  • Call Leafline Labs to schedule an appointment or request a refill just as you normally would. During the call a Leafline Labs representative will: confirm the details of your order, complete an evaluation - if you have not previously done so, and ask you to provide a valid phone number.

  • Answer the “refill ready courtesy call” from Leafline Labs. You will not be able to pick up your medication if you do not answer the call.

  • You will not be able to change your order at the time of pickup.

  • Arrive at the designated spot within the scheduled 15-minute timeframe.

  • Show valid ID and cash or debit card (with pin) for payment at time of pick up.

  • Once you have been properly identified and payment is made, your medication will be delivered to you.

We are grateful to Governor Walz for signing this executive order to allow curbside pickup during this pandemic, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation as we implement our new process.

Thank you for being a loyal patient of Leafline Labs.  We are honored to be able to continue providing you with quality medicine and care. If you have questions, please contact 1-844-LEAFLINE.