Meet The Team: Jeff

At LeafLine Labs, we know that exceptional patient care starts with an extraordinary team. That’s why we pride ourselves on our people. Get to know us, why dontcha?

Meet Jeff, a pharmacist at our Hibbing patient care center.

Tell us about yourself: My grandfather started a drug store in Hibbing in 1922 and my dad took over in 1949. I joined the family business in 1979. I was the one in the family who was never going to go into pharmacy. I ran the family pharmacy for 16 years, worked for Fairview Retail for another 12, and at Walgreens for 8 years. I have been with LeafLine since June 2016. What does a typical day of work look like for you? Seeing patients, talking to patients on the phone, writing orders, checking MCRs. What is your favorite part about your job? The positive results and the impact we have on the patient's lives!! What are you passionate about? This might be sad, but I have a lot of things that interest me but I don't know that there is 1 thing I am currently passionate about! Favorite way(s) to spend your free time: Golf, curling, and eating out!! Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I'll be 65 in August so hopefully laying on a beach somewhere and the only ice I have to worry about is in my drink!! Favorite Minnesota sports team(s): Twins, Wild, Vikes, Gophers Share a fun fact about yourself: I played on a team that was one of 6 teams that qualified for the 2002 Olympic Curling Trials that were held in Salt Lake. We didn't make it to the Olympics, but it was pretty cool playing at that level!!