The first good night’s sleep was a big turning point for Charlotte.


Diagnosed with terminal, Stage 4 breast cancer that had already metastasized to her spine, hips, shoulders and skull, Char — as her family and friends call her — began yet another brutal battle: managing severe depression and anxiety.


“For me, the first four months were an incredible emotional experience,” Char recalls. “It was lower than I ever imagined anybody could get, a combination of fear and sadness and depression and anxiety.”


Nights were the worst. The anxiety she felt during the day overwhelmed her at night, robbing her of much-needed sleep. The one thing she knew, though, was she didn’t want to take the drugs that had been recommended for her sleeplessness.


LeafLine Labs gave her another way to get the full night’s rest she so desperately needed: a customized medical cannabis program. Char’s daughter took her to the Eagan care center, and after a detailed consultation with the LeafLine Labs pharmacist, Char headed home with several complementary medicines.


One therapy was a medical cannabis oil for vaporization. As her husband Bernie tucked her into bed that first night after visiting the LeafLine Labs care center, she followed the pharmacist’s instruction for using the vaporizer.


Bernie was watching carefully. “Char was waiting for something to happen, and she wasn’t sure what was going to happen. But I could physically see it coming on her. All of a sudden, you could see a relaxed, calm look. You could see she was relaxed where on prior nights she’d been very tense. For me, it was seeing the medical cannabis work for Char that I thought, ‘This is great.’”


That night Char slept eight hours, and in the weeks that followed, her positive experiences with LeafLine Labs oil continued. During daytime hours, a spray gave her a sense of peace. 


“If I see her getting anxious,” Bernie notes, “I mention the spray. The oil suspension I think of as a baseline. It’s just something you have in your system and keeps the engine running. As you get anxious, you use the spray. And we always have the vapor if there’s nausea.”


Char recently used the spray to get ready for a painful and difficult test procedure called a lumbar puncture. True to how it sounds, a needle is inserted into the spine. The physician administering the test commented he’d never seen anyone that calm during the procedure.


“I’m very grateful I tried medical cannabis,” Char explains. “It’s a bad place to be not being able to sleep when you’re experiencing that much negative emotion.”


Bernie adds one more important benefit. “I think one of the things that’s most remarkable is the reduction in drugs she’s stopped taking. She was on oxycodone. But right now, once she got settled in and dialed it, she hasn’t had oxycodone in a year and a half.”


Today Charlotte attends her cancer support group meetings with LeafLine business cards in hand. “I want others to be aware of the facts – and that it may not be the wisest choice to ‘wait until I really need it,’” Charlotte explained. “Beginning cannabis on the earlier side of this terminal cancer gave me a feel for the real benefits and to experiment a bit until I found what felt right for me.”