Becoming a Certified Provider is Simple.

Are you a healthcare practitioner looking to certify people for the Minnesota Medical Cannabis program?


Required registration information:

  • General information (name, address, email & phone)

  • Medical license

  • DEA license

  • Clinic address and contact information

Minnesota has three types of practitioners that can certify a patient with a qualifying condition for medical cannabis:

  • Minnesota licensed Doctor of Medicine

  • Minnesota licensed Physician Assistant acting within the scope of authorized practice

  • Minnesota licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurse who has the primary responsibility for the care and treatment of the qualifying condition of a person diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition.

The Provider’s Role: Certifying Qualifying Conditions

As mandated by the Minnesota Department of Health, consultation and condition certification by a Minnesota-licensed healthcare practitioner is the first step for anyone wanting to join Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Program to purchase medical cannabis.

For More Information

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