Our Medications

Safe. Consistent. Natural.

Our pharmaceutical cannabis strains are converted to whole-plant, botanical extract; using multiple super-critical and sub-critical CO2 extraction protocols and established pharmaceutical methods.

This allows us to achieve unrivaled purity, consistency and safety in our extracts.  LeafLine Lab's extract based medications contain the whole botanical matrix of cannabinoids and terpenes required for maintaining the important “entourage effect" in our medications.  All products are independently lab tested and meet potency and safety precision that mirrors the pharmaceutical industry.  We call these medications Botaniceuticals: the precision, safety and dosing advantages of a pharmaceutical matched with the effective, natural complex whole-plant cannabis effect our patients need.

  • No pesticides in our growing process.

  • No diluting agents or solutions are added to our 100% pure cannabis vaporization oils.

  • We include all-natural, health-focused ingredients in our oral formats including sprays, solutions and capsules.

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