Patient Investment

What are the costs associated with the medical cannabis program in Minnesota?

Annual Registration Fee

Each year, patients with a qualifying condition must pay an annual registration fee in order to be eligible to purchase medical cannabis. This fee is paid to the Office of Medical Cannabis, a sector of the Minnesota Department of Health.

Full fee: The annual fee is $200. Patients must re-register reach year.

Reduced fee: Patients on Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability, Medicaid, MNCare, IHS or CHAMPVA are eligible for the reduced fee of $50.00. A copy of your Social Security Disability, CHAMPVA, Medical Assistance or Medicaid ID card must be provided during registration.

Cost of Medicine

Consultations at LeafLine Labs are free of charge. The only cost when visiting a LeafLine Labs care center is for that of medicine, equipment or retail. The monthly cost of medicine depends on a number of variables and differs from patient to patient. The best way to determine what you may pay for medicine is to schedule your initial consultation with a pharmacist.

Forms of payment at our care centers include: cash & debit cards.

No insurance companies in Minnesota currently cover medical cannabis treatment.


Patients receive 15% off the price of medication if they have the following types of medical assistance documented on their MDH profile: Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability (SSD), Medicaid/Medical Assistance, Minnesota Care, Indian Health Service (IHS), VA Disability, or CHAMPVA.

Loyalty Program

Patients accrue points for every dollar that they spend at one of our care centers. These points may be used on medication, equipment and merchandise.

How it works:

Every $20 spent = 1 point.

Points may be used in increments of 25, just like cash, toward any purchases made at a LeafLine Labs patient care center.

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