Patient Experience

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LeafLine Labs was founded by two emergency room physicians who have dedicated themselves to safely and reliably improving the lives of suffering Minnesotans. We want to be your trustworthy advocate and reliable resource for safe, effective medicine.

Our Patient Care Centers

Your LeafLine Labs patient care center doesn’t look like a typical pharmacy or medical clinic. In our comfortable and secure center, you’ll find comfortable waiting areas where we invite you to rest and relax for as long as you’d like.

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When you get to the Patient Care Center

When you arrive for a visit, you’ll need a state-issued photo ID and payment for your medicine (we accept cash or debit).  If you have a summary from your qualifying condition visit to your healthcare practitioner, please bring that, too. It should list all your current medications and medical conditions. When you make your appointment with LeafLine Labs, a Patient Care Coordinator will ask you to fill out the online Self Evaluation that is accessible through the state registry under your account.  If you don’t have access to a computer or have trouble completing at home, no worries, show up to your appointment a few minutes early and fill it out at our care center on one of our computers.

While you wait, take advantage of everything our care center offers.

The consultation

After checking in, you’ll have a private consultation with a LeafLine Labs pharmacist. You’ll talk about your history, condition and symptoms. The pharmacist will recommend a medicine that’s right for you.

Your pharmacist will select and recommend a medicine to meet your needs, and will make sure you understand how and when to take your medicine. During each visit, data will be collected for a state-wide research study, but your personal information will be kept private.

Checking out

Patients may purchase up to 30-day supply of medical cannabis. At this time, only cash and debit are accepted forms of payment.  Medical insurance does not cover the cost of medical cannabis.

About your medicine


You’ll get up to 30 days worth of medicine during each monthly appointment.


Your pharmacist will explain how to take your medicine, including how much medicine and how many times a day.


You should keep track of any effects you experience while taking your medicine. This information helps us make the best recommendations for your future dosage.

How are you doing?

The pharmacist will also give you a care plan summary you can share with your doctor/health care practitioner.

With your permission, after your visit you’ll receive a check-in from our care team to see how you’re responding to the medicine. Your pharmacist will help you make any adjustments so you can receive the full benefit of your treatment. If you need to talk to a pharmacist before your next appointment, please call our patient care line at 651-458-2971.


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