Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Muscle Spasms

A number of studies have indicated that medical cannabis can be effective in the control of spasticity symptoms, pain, and urinary frequency.  

Spasm-producing conditions often originate in the central nervous system and often cause inflammation, muscular weakness and a loss of motor coordination. The National Multiple Sclerosis says, “The Society supports the rights of people with MS to work with their health care providers to access medical cannabis for medical purposes in accordance with legal regulations in those states where such use has been approved.”

How Cannabis may help ALS:

  • Cannabis may reduce the frequency and intensity of muscle spasms along with reducing inflammation, leading to greatly decreased overall pain. This can lead to greater mobility and gait stability, as well.

  • Cannabis may also help promote deeper sleep, with patients less likely to be awoken by pain or spasm during the night.


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