Medications in the Tangerine product family contain high levels of THC and low/trace levels of CBD. Tangerine medications can help reduce chronic pain, improve sleep, alleviate anxiety, and help improve appetite.

This benefit comes without the risk of respiratory depression and high levels of addiction that current prescription opioid pain medications do.

ProductVolume/QtyCBD (mg)THC (mg)Price
Tangerine Oil Dispenser (Coming Soon)1 g36727$125.00
Lozenges - Mango Passion Fruit ‚ 5mg Each / 15ct. Trace*75$20.00
Lozenges - Root Beer ‚ 5mg each / 15ct. Trace*75$20.00
Tangerine Capsule - 5mg 30 / Capsule Trace* / Capsule 150$29.00
Tangerine Capsule - 10mg 30 / Capsule Trace* / Capsule 300$57.00
Tangerine Oral Suspension - Orange Cream 120 mL Trace*240$46.00
Tangerine Oral Suspension - Orange Cream (2) 240 mL Trace*480$87.00
Tangerine Oral Suspension - Unflavored 120 mL Trace*240$46.00
Tangerine Oral Suspension ES - Unflavored 60 mL Trace*1200$229.00
Tangerine Sublingual (Spray) - Vanilla Mint 15 mL Trace*300$57.00
Tangerine Topical 30 mL Trace* 150$29.00
Tangerine Vaporization (Cartridge) 0.5 mL20400$70.00